Training & Development

OnDemand offers a comprehensive range of career development courses for both organizations and individuals on topics such as team facilitation, leadership and mentoring.

The OnDemand experts can even assess your current training plan and recommend a strategy to improve your team’s success in the public sector.


Front-end analysis can help ensure that training and development efforts are not initiated in an ad hoc, uncoordinated manner, but rather are strategically focused on improving performance toward the agency’s goals and are put forward with the agency’s organizational culture in mind. OnDemand can help agencies establish priorities and determine how training and development investments, along with other people strategies, can be leveraged to improve performance. 


OnDemand offers the full spectrum of soft skills courses throughout California and in the Washington DC metropolitan area. We support employee development by providing a professional learning environment, materials and instructors. OnDemand instructors are knowledgeable, experienced trainers who promote interactive adult learning. Our courses are focused on the skills and knowledge that employees need to succeed in today's public-sector workplace. In addition to individual classes offered, we also provide customized training to individual agencies. Once the curriculum and learning objectives are developed, our qualified trainers provide instruction on-site for the agency’s employees.


In executive coaching, a qualified coach works one-on-one with a leader to help define desired business results and existing challenges through a combination of purposeful conversations and activities. Coaching becomes an individualized learning process, enabling managers to grow as leaders and achieve greater business results through self-awareness and changes in behavior. OnDemand offers options to the coaching program: (a) Full Coaching Program and (b) As-Needed Coaching Program. In addition to these two options, OnDemand can design a program – either as an individualized coaching program or in part with another program, such as mentoring, leadership development, management change, etc.


OnDemand offers design, development and delivery services to clients that wish to create a mentoring program within their agency or organization. Mentoring is a collaborative partnership in which the mentor and the protégé take shared responsibility for the success of the relationship. A mentor invests time, expertise and effort in enhancing the protégé’s growth, knowledge and skills to prepare that person for greater productivity or achievement in the future. A protégé is an individual that takes responsibility for his or her own learning and for applying that learning to accomplish goals and create growth situations. Mentoring programs may include elements such as:  program advertisement and marketing, designing and supporting the matching and enrollment process, developing learning and development sessions, providing and administering an evaluation process and other administrative support functions.


OnDemand group facilitators can help agency leaders work through the group processes necessary to address basic barriers to better teamwork. Alternatively, OnDemand HR experts can train your internal team leaders in the organizational and communication tools of effective group facilitation.