We assume the risk so you don’t have to.

Little is more important to OnDemand than the safety of our associates. We always encourage compliance with existing safety procedures and, when necessary, provide training, supervision and preventative gear to stop injuries before they happen.

 However, since we cannot be everywhere at all times (no matter how hard we try!), OnDemand minimizes both your risk and ours by promoting high safety standards and frequently visiting work sites whenever possible. If your company already has an existing safety program in place, OnDemand can work with you in a support role to enhance it. If you do not, our Safety Director can build a customized program for you. 

Accident Avoidance Program

STAGE 1:   Initiation to the program's parameters, goals and objectives along with a safety assessment to consider your ultimate risk.
STAGE 2:   Customization of a safety program tailored around your company's needs.
STAGE 3:  Collaboration with your existing safety team to ensure we can together create the safest possible work environment.
STAGE 4:   Implementation of our jointly-approved safety recommendations.
STAGE 5:   Evaluation of program's progress and ongoing adjustments (as needed).
STAGE 6:   Consulting Services available if needed – Policy and Procedure Handbook, Employee Agreements, Salary Survey, IIPP’s, and Industry Specific Employee Handbook creation.

ADDITIONAL SERVICES:   OnDemand employs a Health and Safety Manager and a "Train the Trainer" OSHA Certified Forklift Trainer.  This service is free to all of clients currently using our services.

REMEMBER: Any associates required to drive a Forklift must be trained "on-site" regardless any past certification they have.  In addition, the training must be "work site" specific. Forklift Certifications are NOT TRANSFERRABLE and each operating certificate expires when the Associate terminates or is transferred to another employer.

Each safety program we create holds immeasurable value—whether you continue to work with us or not. Our thinking? If we can help you achieve the safest, most risk-averse solutions possible, our employees will be more productive—and you'll be our client for a very long time. It's all part of OnDemand’s solution for safety:

We assume the risk so you don't have to.


View OnDemand's OSHA Hazard Recognition Training Certificate