Recruitment & Staffing Strategies

OnDemand offers an efficient and cost-effective way to meet clients’ staffing needs. Staffing services include operational activities such as: preparing position descriptions, reviewing duty statements and completing evaluation statements, developing and posting job announcements, conducting job analyses and coordinating selection tools (e.g., oral interviews), providing an online platform for receipt of candidate applications, conducting candidate scheduling and correspondence, screening applications, and administering selection processes (including obtaining and training assessors/raters).

When an HR or staffing group is tasked with other specialized projects, OnDemand serves as a staffing and classification partner to execute internal requirements while adhering to the agency work standards and employment processes. OnDemand staff members are extensions of the employment or HR group, working seamlessly to staff agency positions on schedule and ensure that classification standards are applied. 


This is a mechanism for identifying the necessary/essential tasks or functions associated with a target job as well as to delineate the knowledge, skills, abilities and other characteristics (KSAOs) required to perform that job. OnDemand conducts multi-use, multi-discipline job analysis studies for a variety of job classifications and occupations. Each job analysis study follows a task-based methodology in adherence with the Federal Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures and other relevant, recognized legal and professional standards and guidelines. Once completed, the job analysis study and resulting data will serve as the foundation to validate an agency's testing/selection activities and can provide the data for a number of human resources activities in which the agency may choose to engage including classification studies, training and development planning, performance management and workforce planning initiatives. 


Assessment centers for selection and promotion utilize an objective, job-related approach to assessing an individual's capability to perform in a supervisory, managerial or leadership role. Candidates complete a battery of testing procedures that assesses job-related expertise and competency. The testing battery typically includes three to five exercises, such as a role-play exercise, a writing exercise, a presentation, an interview and/or a group exercise. Candidate performance is measured across a series of job-related performance dimensions comprised of the individual's competencies and knowledge, skills and abilities to perform in the target job. Assessment centers are typically used for managerial/supervisory assessment and law enforcement/fire service promotional testing. 


OnDemand provides a full array of employment testing and assessment services to meet your agency's needs. Using state-of-the-art best practices, OnDemand combines innovation and recognized legal and professional practices in designing and developing a variety of selection instruments. With our expertise, we specialize in test development, validation, pass point setting activities and ongoing or as-needed equating, validation and/or other psychometric analysis or reporting services.  


OnDemand offers test and test program administration services that include the full range of selection-related activities: developing and posting job announcements, reviewing and evaluating candidates' applications and qualifications, reviewing applications for minimum qualification requirements, scheduling and administering testing processes and administering selection processes. These services can be mixed, matched and combined to provide an agency with the most inclusive, outsourced service offering that best meets their test administration needs.     

Our test administration services can include all services and tasks associated with planning for and administering written examinations, structured oral interviews, performance tests and/or any combination of these instruments. Specific services that OnDemand can provide in this area include candidate and proctor scheduling, test site arrangements and candidate communications.   

Our test program administration services are scalable and can include the complete or near-complete outsourcing of an agency's testing and selection function for one or more job classifications and/or examination/selection processes. OnDemand services can be tailored to meet an agency's specific needs, ensure compliance with your agency's rules and practices and follow professional best practices. Our experts are happy to work one testing project at a time or on an ongoing, partnering basis.