Programs and Services


Programs and Services

Staffing Solutions

OnDemand understands that every organization's needs are as unique as their business is. Because of this fact, we are committed to delivering both short term and permanent services.

Temporary associates

Let us help out in a pinch.

OnDemand has aggregated a respectable pool of available talent. From entry-level to senior management positions, our temporary associates possess a wide-range of expertise and are groomed to positively impact both your short-term need—and long-term business goals. But perhaps it's our rigorous screening process that separates our temps from the rest. No matter what industry you're in, our multi-level screening yields some of the most viable and proficient candidates around. The idea? Save our clients' time, money and as many human resources headaches as possible—so they work with us time and again.

Our comprehensive solution for temps includes:

  • Recruiting, interviewing and candidate selection.
  • Skills testing, training and orientation.
  • Risk-management solutions associated with safety and liability.
  • Timecards, record keeping and payroll matters.
  • Vacation time, sick days or disability pay.

Temp-To-placement Associates

Never underestimate the importance of a chemistry check.

Temp-to-Placement is one of the fastest growing services OnDemand provides and with good reason: It's the best way to test out a potential employee before making them permanent. If you're expanding your full-time labor force; a short-term trial period makes sense for both you and the employee because it lets you:

  • Evaluate the skills, production and work ethic of a potential candidate in the workplace.
  • Develop an open and honest rapport with a candidate—before trusting them with greater responsibilities.
  • Pay recruitment fees over a longer period of time rather than as a lump sum.
  • Defer the risk, liability and costs associated with bad hires.

Finally, as an added incentive, we'll offer you a reduced conversion fee if you ever want to make a temp a full-time employee.

Direct placement

We'll find your diamond(s) in the rough.

At OnDemand, we have an attentive team of headhunters who aggressively pursue top-quality candidates--by any means possible. We don't just hit the job boards, but instead, work resourcefully to locate the most attractive candidates to fill your position. In addition:

  • We employ skilled sourcing specialists who specialize in locating passive candidates—and the recruitment of "star" players.
  • We use optimal discretion to protect both your privacy as well as that of the candidates you are coveting.
  • We offer you a 45-day unconditional satisfaction replacement guarantee to ensure you're pleased with your new hire.
  • Simply call OnDemand, give us a job description and salary requirement—and we'll get to work finding your next permanent placement. Give us one week and we'll identify up to five attractive candidates with the skills you demand out of a long-term employee. It's that simple.