To collect and transport various items from job site; supply shop; or paint shop in accordance with the Council’s Goals and Priorities.

Duties and Responsibilities:

-Support company’s coordinators to provide the full range of services

-Undertake a range of manual tasks including loading windows; steel; glass, bags and bulk containers

-Carry out collections/deliveries in a neat and tidy manner ensuring all deliveries are sent and delivered in a safe manner

-Select tools and equipment consistent with the work required to complete the days scheduled tasks

-Maintain full responsibility for vehicles and equipment, and vehicle Cleanliness, assigned to your team at all times.

-Ensure that the requirements of the driver's handbook are complied with Ensure that any vehicle accidents are reported immediately and complete all relevant paperwork in relation to vehicle accidents Comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974), the Council’s Health and Safety Policy and locally agreed safe methods of work Conduct suitable risk assessments on site and ensure perceived risks are communicated to team members

-Wear appreciate work attire at all times. Closed toed shoes (possible steel toed shoes)

-Establish and maintain effective working relationships with managers, colleagues and the general public

-At the discretion of the companies coordinators be prepared to carry out work on other rounds as the need arises.

-Deal politely and effectively with clients; management; residents and visitors

-Be an ambassador for the company.

-Be responsible for all paperwork (including weigh tickets, defect report sheets and driver log books) and hand these in on a daily basis Interpret and execute instructions, including work schedules, and complete all work to a high standard at the discretion of the clients co-coordinators; undertake other duties from time to time consistent with the nature of the job described above

Additional Information:

-Working in a team of one driver and one or two loaders. Drivers start work early and continue until the route is completed. They work an average of 40 hours a week, Monday to Thursday and OT is offered on Fridays.

-Drivers work outdoors in all weathers, beginning work in the dark during the winter. Heavy lifting is often involved and drivers must be aware of the risk of injury, from broken glass for example. As a result, drivers are required to wear the protective clothing provided. The work can be dirty, dusty and smelly.

-Drivers are required to work flexibly with regard to routes, and provide cover for other teams and colleagues during holidays and absence etc. Drivers are often used to load/unload items into vehicles as well as drive and this position includes loading duties as well. 80% Loading / 20% driving

Other Duties and Responsibilities:

-Carry out routine maintenance checks on the lorry before setting out

-Drive the lorry slowly, keeping pace with the loaders and stopping frequently

-Ensure the health and safety of the loaders as far as is practicable -Ensure that load on the vehicle is within permitted weight limits



Call with questions to: 805-485-4606

Email resume to Frank@ondemandeg.com and Reception@ondemandeg.com

Please bring two forms of ID to complete the process