Classification & Compensation


Governments use occupational classification systems to organize work into formal job categories. OnDemand conducts the full range of classification studies for small and large clients including the development of classification concepts and structures, job audits, allocation of positions into the appropriate classification and the development or revision of classification specifications. OnDemand can review an entire system, groups or individual classifications in an agency to make sure they are appropriate for the work being performed as well as in alignment with each class within the system hierarchy.


Compensation studies are conducted to gather compensation data about certain job classifications within an agency. OnDemand has consultants positioned to understand your organization's compensation objectives, research options and provide practical solutions for the development of a total rewards/compensation policy. Once the policy has been established, OnDemand consultants undertake the full range of study options, such as:

  • Developing study communications strategies
  • Designing and distributing survey instruments to collect the required salary and benefits data
  • Auditing, reviewing and validating compensation and benefits data
  • Customized base salary and total compensation data sheets


Performance related awards fall into two broad categories: 1) cash/cash-related, and 2) non-cash or symbolic. Within that framework, cash or cash-related awards fall into a subcategory of either employment-based awards (benefits and services such as health and welfare, wellness programs, etc.) or performance rewards (such as variable pay, spot awards or hiring bonuses). Non-cash or symbolic awards fall into either workplace opportunity awards (such as specialized training, career development, informal dress) or performance recognition awards (such as promotions, special assignments, recognition trips/tickets). It is important to understand how the potential client has designed their system and what the performance related strategy of the agency is in order to assist them.